New book on experiences of Muslim chaplain

Sondos Kholaki, healthcare chaplain in Irvine, California, recently published Musings of a Muslim Chaplain. From Amazon:

This book chronicles the journey of a Muslim hospital chaplain from the beginning of her internship and residency through the first two years of her appointment as a staff chaplain. As a hospital chaplain, Sondos Kholaki often finds herself at the intersection of joy and grief, life and death, humor and sorrow, community and solitude. Through various encounters, the author gives us a unique glimpse into the world of clinical pastoral care. In one story, she recounts a patient whose cancer disabled his speech. With only a pad of paper, pen, and hand gestures, the patient struggled to communicate. Several minutes in, amid much frustration from both ends, she finally interpreted what the patient so adamantly wanted her to hear: “Is God in your life?”

You can find the book at Amazon.