Chaplain featured in Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Tribune:

Chris carries much in his spiritual care tool bag: prayer, meditation, counseling, Healing Touch, reiki, dignity therapy, the Enneagram and advanced care planning, among many things. His favorite is supporting something called life review because, “everyone has loved something and lost something along the way.” He creates the space for people to give voice to the lives they’ve lived, to look at what’s mattered to them and how they’ve found meaning in life.

This can be heavy stuff at times and self-care is critical. Chris uses running, yoga, music and surfing along with laughter and silliness with his family and best friends to rejuvenate. But doing the work itself can be rejuvenating and life-giving.

“At times, working this closely with illness and death reminds me that life is short and if I don’t want to have regrets when I look back, then I better live as fully as I can as often as I can,” he says. “Every day is meaningful if I show up for it with mindfulness, devotion and wonder. Working as a hospital chaplain helps me do that.”

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