Workshop: We Are Stardust

From Reed Kolber:

We Are Stardust: A workshop celebrating the wisdom and magic of our bodies  through creative practice

LGBTQIA+ folks are among the most creative people on this planet, creating realities  and reimagining a world from the inside out—not of how things are but to how things  could be. We are visionaries. In what has been a time of isolation for so many people,  this interactive workshop is a space to connect–to community, ourselves, and to  creative curiosity.

We will gather as an online vibrant collective of LGBTQIA+ folks who want to nurture  their inner artist by creating uplifting and empowering art through exploring and  celebrating the diversity, complexity, and beauty of Queer and Gender Expansive  bodies. Each workshop series will include two distinct age groups: one for teens and  one for adults. Over the course of three 90 minute workshops, we will forge new  relationships to creative practice as a tool for personal and collective transformation  weaving in culture and spiritual identities. Each workshop is divided into: solo  exploration of your creative craft; community connection where we discuss our work as  a group; and quiet time for personal reflection. We will be using some Jewish sources  about the magic of the body as a springboard for exploration.

Everyone is welcome. No matter where you are in your body, journey, your identity  exploration, creative skill set, or spirituality.

All skill levels and types of artistic expression are welcome including visual art, poetry,  music writing, song creation, crayon doodling, glitter arts, collage, and more.

Teen Workshop (ages 13-18) runs online August 7, 14, and 21 from 3-4:30pm PST. Register here

Adult Workshop (ages 19+) runs online August 3, 10, and 17th from 6-7:30pm PST. Register here

Reed Kolber (they/them) is a passionate teacher, spiritual counselor, and musician.  With over ten years of experience across Jewish movements and interfaith settings,  Reed completed their chaplaincy residency at St. Mary’s Medical Center where they focused on bringing yoga, art, music, and spiritual practice to the adolescent psychiatric  ward. Reed is Jewish hospice chaplain, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher,  and serves as a spiritual counselor, life cycle facilitator, and bodywork  practitioner. After a life threatening car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury  and living with chronic pain, Reed discovered the incredible power of music creation in  rediscovering joy, healing and inspiration in their body. Reed completed a Masters in  Judaic Studies, specializing in Jewish Values, Ethics and Action from the Academy of  Jewish Religion of California. Their master’s capstone project “Rainbow Lev, Jewish  LGBTQIA+ Teen Leadership Program Empowering Through Creative Ritual” received  grants from Reconstructing Judaism, Clal, and The Levinson Foundation, as well as  The Mintz Family Foundation award for Creative Jewish Education. Reed recently  received a grant from The Jim Joseph Foundation to pilot an intersectional experience  for LGBTQIA+ teens and adult artists this August.