Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains: Introduction to CPE

This session of the Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains series will offer an overview of the fundamentals of clinical pastoral education, addressing such issues as:

  • What is CPE?
  • Why is it important for chaplains to complete CPE?
  • How can I identify a CPE program for me?
  • What is the process for applying to a CPE program?

The Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains series is intended to offer a basic introduction to the profession of chaplaincy, from education and training through to practice. Each session includes an in-depth conversation with spiritual care practitioners on topics of key importance to those considering careers in chaplaincy; there are also opportunities for small-group discussion afterward (not recorded).

All sessions of the Field Guide series are available in full here.

Those interested in our Field Guide series should also download our free eBooks Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Care, available hereThose interested in exploring CPE further should also download Mychal Springer’s eBook The Art of Spiritual Care: Beginner’s Guide to Clinical Pastoral Education, available here.

You can also listen to this webinar as a podcast and subscribe to all CIL webinars as podcasts on Spotify, Apple, and Google.

We are joined by:

Danielle Buhuro, Founder and Director, Sankofa CPE

Image provided by Rev. Buhuro.

Mychal Springer, Manager of Clinical Pastoral Education, New York-Presbyterian Hospital


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