Chaplaincy Innovation Lab Overview

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By the numbers

As of September 2023, the Lab counts in its community:

Our leadership

Our staff includes leadership from academia and chaplaincy education and practice, as well as a robust program of student research assistants from multiple universities and our Internship in Nonprofit Operations.

Our Advisory Group includes leading figures in chaplaincy training, education, and practice, with representatives from numerous sectors of spiritual care, the armed forces, public service, and more.

Where is the Lab?

The Lab is physically located at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and most of our leadership work from Brandeis. Yet our staff, like the rest of our community, is spread out all over the United States.

In Spring 2021 we conducted a community listening survey, which included an optional question on general location. Almost 1,700 members of our community responded, and you can see here where they are:


We also count in our community members from around the world, and we’re actively seeking partnerships to expand the Lab’s knowledge internationally.

Who is in the Lab's community?

In Spring 2021, we conducted a community listening survey to learn more about who takes part in the Lab’s offerings. An incredible 1,700 respondents let us know who they are, where they are, and what they find valuable about the Lab. You can see a few key points below or read the full survey report here.

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