What a Chaplain Looks Like

Wes Isley

Rev. Wes Isley, MDiv

Interfaith & Pagan Minister

After Wes’ partner of 18 years died from cancer, the grief transformed his life perspective, and he enrolled in seminary to deepen his spiritual practice. There Wes discovered chaplaincy and is now pursuing this work full-time after 20 years in publishing. He enjoys the interfaith nature of healthcare chaplaincy, and as a Pagan spiritual practitioner, nearly every care encounter is one in which he meets someone whose beliefs and practices are different from his own. It is both a challenge and a blessing. Wes offers workshops on grief from a Pagan perspective and is interested in spiritual care for incarcerated Pagans. He has completed 5 units of CPE from hospitals in the Charlotte NC area and served 3 years as a disaster spiritual care volunteer for the American Red Cross. Wes received his MDiv from Cherry Hill Seminary and is ordained by Sacred Well Congregation.


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